Lexi and Tori weeks came in as Freshman a year ago and took the collegiate pole vaulting world by storm. 
“It’s always been a fun competition. We’ve always pushed each other, and we like to beat the other, but we are also happy when the other does well.” says Sophomore Tori Weeks. 
Even Women’s Head Track & Field Coach Lance Harter see it. “The two of them reinforce each other. It’s phenomenal to watch. They are so devoted to teach other, they are always hand in hand and basically inseparable. And they just do a fantastic job complimenting each other. So if one has a great day the other one is praising and vice versa.” 
A lot of the spotlight landed on Lexi a season ago, winning and indoor and national title as well as competing in the Olympics in Rio. But now as their sophomore season begins, It’s Tori who has landed on top. 
“She was an All-American last year indoors as a Freshman as well but it was Lexi that was providing the shadow. But this year now they are interchanging and that’s healthy for both of them and we’re excited that we have two of the best vaulters in the nation.” adds Harter. 
“I’ve always wanted to be right there with her and its given me a more motivation to reach the heights that she has and I think it’s pushed me a little bit harder and Im excited that Im getting to those heights.” says Tori. 
Tori PRing in both the first two meets of the year at 4.42 meters and 4.43 meters.
“Coming into the season I felt good. I was confident that I was going to jump high. I was hoping to PR and that’s happened the last two weeks and that’s really exciting.”
Pole Vaulting Coach Brian Compton, “This year she has kind of stepped up to another level. Her confidence is really high right now and I think that will continue throughout the year and bring everyone else along with it. “
The twins no strangers to going back and forth with each other- they did it all through high school. Their sibling rivalry is more about sisterly encouragement. 
“When I jump I obviously get excited when I do well, but when I see her jump well I’m just as excited.” adds Lexi Weeks. 
Lexi jumped week one, but took the second meet off because of a minor injury. Still she was in Nashville to cheer on Tori. 
“She was going to 15 and I was just as excited for what she was doing as I would have been for myself at the moment.”
In a sport like Track and Field that’s more individually focused- it’s rare and refreshing to see two sisters competing along side each other than against. 
“We just get so excited for each other and love encouraging each other and getting to see what both of us are capable of.”