3 Things to Take Away From Sam Pittman’s Monday Conference

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FAYETTEVILLE — Sam Pittman talked a variety of topics on Monday during his weekly press conference.

His Razorbacks will try to snap a three-game losing skid this Saturday in Little Rock’s War Memorial Stadium when they take on UAPB. The kickoff is set for 11 a.m. on the SEC Network.

Here’s three various topics Pittman talked about Monday.

Hudson Henry Returns

The redshirt sophomore tight end has missed a lot of action this season at tight end due to injuries. He returned Saturday and caught two passes for 22 yards.

“I was proud of him,” Pittman said. “He made plays, he was physical. He’s done that in practice. He’s just been a guy that’s been hurt a lot this year. He finally got healthy. Trey [Knox] had taken some of his reps, even when he was healthy. I thought he played well. I thought he blocked well. He caught some passes, made some guys miss, made some extra yards. He’s certainly in the plans for this week and the future. I’m glad to see that he’s finally healthy again.”

Malik Chavis At Safety

Pittman talked the options at safety since Jalen Catalon is out for the season.

“I thought (Myles) Slusher played well,” Pittman said. “He got beat early on a long pass last week, but I thought he actually played better than even I thought he would. Because he hasn’t played much ball. He’s been hurt the whole time, really since he’s been here. So I think he can take that position and do well there. (Simeon) Blair’s been a guy back there as well. I think we’re going to look at (Malik) Chavis a little bit more than what we have.”

What does Chavis bring to the safety position?

“He can run,” Pittman said. “He’s got the body type. He can run. He’s finally getting comfortable in there. He knows what he’s doing. We just need to give him a little more opportunity, and certainly with our situation right now, that opportunity, he’s going to get it, because he has to. 

“A lot of times guys will surprise you with how well they play. Sometimes they don’t play as good as you think they’re going to. But he’s done a nice job and he’s worked hard. I’m looking forward to seeing him play.”

Crowded At Running Back

Arkansas has used four backs regularly in almost each game. Pittman feels that may need to be cutback some to get Dominique Johnson more carries.

“You know, the only disappointing thing to me that we’re where we are is I don’t think we’re getting Dominique Johnson the ball enough,” Pittman said. “Every time he seems to run the football, good things happen. To me, he probably has to double his load, what we’ve been giving him, because he’s proven that he’s a really good player. With that said, someone’s going to lose carries and that’s fine. When you give reps, you give them so you can see what the kids are able to do and when you’re in Game 7, you’ve probably seen it. Now there needs to be a little bit more of an order of, ‘This guy gets this many carries, this one gets this, that.’ Before, it was kind of that way, but you’re dividing them by four. I think the division’s got to come maybe a little closer to three, 2.5.”

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