LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- You may be familiar with all the candidates running for office, but KARK also wants to dive into the issues you’ll be voting on.

Issue 1 would make a half-percent sales tax for roads permanent. The existing tax expires in 2023. The tax will not change what it will fund, which is maintenance, repair and improvement to the state’s highways. Thirty percent of the tax revenue is also given to cities and counties for their local projects and maintenance.

Issue 2 looks to change up the state’s term limits. Part of the change is the removal of the lifetime cap. As of now, lawmakers cannot run for the general assembly after 16 years, but issue two looks to change that. It would allow those who have served for 12 consecutive years to be able to come back after a four-year absence. If there are any breaks in between, the clock resets.

Issue 3 makes changes with the way amendments can be proposed and voted on. A lot of changes center around citizen-initiated amendments. Currently, petitioners must gather signatures from at least 15 counties, but Issue 3 would bump that up to 45. In those counties, petitioners have to get at least five percent of the previous gubernatorial vote for it to count. It would also change the due date, giving groups less time to collect signatures.