LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – New polling data released Sunday shows support for allowing recreational use of marijuana Arkansas appears to be falling just over two weeks before voters head to the ballot box.

The poll from Talk Business & Politics and Hendrix College shows that 50.5% of respondents support Ballot Issue 4, which would allow people 21 and older to possess and use up to one ounce of marijuana. Another 43% of those polled were against the measure, with 6.5% undecided.

While the bill still had majority support among those polled, that support was down from September polling that showed 58.5% of respondents in favor of the plan. Opposition to the ballot issue grew in the last month, with the newest data up 14% from the 29% opposed in September.

Roby Brock, editor-in-chief of Talk Business & Politics, believes the vote on Ballot Issue 4 will be the race to watch on election night.

“Issue 4, which would legalize adult-use cannabis, has seen tremendous movement over the past month,” Brock said. ”Opponents have been able to improve their standing by swaying undecided voters and even peeling off some soft support that was once there. I think the media campaigns for and against this measure make it the most interesting statewide race to watch on Election Night.”

Arkansas voters will also decide on three other ballot issues in November. The new polling data shows only one of those, Ballot Issue 1, with more respondents saying they would vote for the measure than against.

Ballot Issue 1, which would give the leadership of the state General Assembly the ability to call for a special session, had the support of 44.5% of those polled. There were 33.5% saying that they were opposed, with 22% undecided.

The numbers show a tie among those polled on Ballot Issue 2, which would change the votes required to pass legislative amendments to the state constitution. The poll showed that 38.5% of respondents were for the issue, 38.5% were against it and 23% were undecided.

The final statewide measure for November, Ballot Issue 3, was the only measure underwater with those polled. The “Arkansas Religious Freedom Amendment” only saw 36% support in the poll, compared to 39% of respondents who said they would vote against it. The race is far from over, though, with 25% undecided.

“Issues 1, 2 and 3 could go in just about any direction with their outcomes, although I’d predict that Issue 1 is the most likely to pass,” Brock said.

The general election in Arkansas is scheduled for November 8.