LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Senate candidate Jake Bequette is calling for an investigation after allegations of election officials knowingly misspelling his name on ballots.

According to Bequette, ballots in Craighead County identify him as “Jack Bequette”. He said after he contacted officials to make the correction they refused to make the change.

“I’m calling for Secretary of State John Thurston and Attorney General Leslie Rutledge to fully investigate this fraud and find a solution that will ensure voters across Arkansas are able to confidently participate in this election process and vote for a true conservative warrior,” Bequette said.

Bequette also showed concern for the mistake to affect other counties throughout the state, potentially confusing voters or discouraging them from voting.

“For weeks, statewide election officials have known that my name was going to be listed incorrectly on ballots here in Arkansas, but they refused to act, correct the ballots, notify the voting public, or even notify my campaign,” Bequette continued.