CABOT, Ark – Candidates for Arkansas Governor are making the final push as the November election date inches closer.

Monday, Candidate for Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders greeted a crowd of supporters in Cabot.

“It’s wonderful to be back out on the campaign trail,” said Sanders. “Getting to hear [supporters] stories and some of the amazing things they’ve either accomplished or the challenges they have overcome.”

The event was one of the first back for Sanders after undergoing surgery for Thyroid Cancer.

Sanders said she was feeling excited Monday ready to push forward into the final weeks of the campaign season.

“I think it’s getting out as much as we can around the state,” said Sanders. “[Talking about] defending freedom, making our education here in the state stronger, and be better at providing greater quality access to that education for all students.”

It’s the fourth quarter for three who are seeking the title of Arkansas Governor.

“One of the biggest things we’re hearing is that people have not been heard,” said candidate for Arkansas Governor Chris Jones.

Jones continues his tour of the state, walking a mile in each county and listening to issues from the people.

“That’s the way to engage people where they are, to walk in their shoes and have conversations with them that they can go have with their other neighbors,” said Jones.

Candidate for Arkansas Governor Ricky Dale Harrington says he wants voters to know there is another option other than major party candidates.

“I’ve had a lot of opportunities to speak directly to people face to face and find that common good,” said Harrington.

All three candidates say speaking with people in the state is the key to addressing problems. They hope to continue to do that well past the election date.

Election day is Tuesday, November 8,2022.