NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark – The City of North Little Rock is asking voters to extend a half-cent sales tax on the upcoming ballot.

The current sales tax ends in 2023. If approved this would extend it for five years and generate about $45 million.

Part of those funds, Mayor Terry Hartwick says will go toward building a new central fire station.

The current building on Maple St. was built in the 1960’s and crews say it hasn’t been renovated since.

“They deserve to have a place where when they lay down at night, they’re not looking at paint flaking off the ceiling or waking up with it in their bed,” said NLRFD Fire Marshal Dustin Free.

Free says in the last few years the department has had to work around plumbing issues, wall cracks, and water leaks.

“Everywhere where there is a piece of plywood or there’s an opening is where we had a water leak or a sewer leak,” said Free.

According to the North Little Rock Mayor, some of the trucks don’t fit inside the bays, making it difficult to do maintenance on the vehicle.

“It served its purpose but it’s going downhill,” said Free.

If the tax is passed, another portion will go towards renovating five community centers and building an additional fire station.

Early voting for the sales tax is underway. The election will be held Tuesday, August 9.