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This is an At-Large position, meaning the candidate elected will represent the entire city

The candidate’s photo and biography were submitted by each campaign.


Antwan Phillips

AGE:   36
BIRTHPLACE: Little Rock, Arkansas
FAMILY:  Married to Taneesha Phillips for 10 years 
EDUCATION:  McClellan High School, Bowdoin College, and UA-Little Rock Bowen School of Law
CURRENT OCCUPATION:  Partner at Wright, Lindsey and Jennings law firm


  • Attorney at Wright, Lindsey and Jennings for over 10 years
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Board of Directors 2010 – 2017, Past President
  • Little Rock Public Education Board Directors 2014 – Present, Past President
  • Little Rock Area Stakeholders on Public Education 2016 – 2017
  • Friends and Alumni of McClellan Foundation 2017 – Present 
  • Think Big Little Rock 2016-2018, Co-Chair
  • RockTheCulture Podcast, Founder
  • Imagination Library 2020 – Present
  • Adjunct Professor at UA-Little Rock Bowen School of Law
  • Leadership Greater Little Rock, Class XXX
  • Arkansas Business Executive Leadership, 2020
  • Arkansas Commitment Alumnus 2002
  • Arkansas Business 20 in their 20s, 2013
  • Arkansas Business 40 under 20, 2020
  • Arkansas Business 250 most influential Arkansans, 2017 – Present 
  • Mid-South Super Lawyer Rising Star 2014-Present 
  • Deacon and Finance Chair of New Creation Bible Church, 2015 – Present 


Leron McAdoo

Leron “Ron Mc” McAdoo, a.k.a. Ron Mc The Hip Hoptimist, has lived in Little Rock his whole
adult life. He and his wife, Stacey (the 2019 Arkansas Teacher of the Year), have two children. He is visible within the community advocating for the youth and the arts. Leron has been an educator in Little Rock since 1994. He is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and has completed graduate coursework at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and Arkansas Tech University. For over two decades, Leron has served his church as a choir director and as a youth coordinator.

Mr. McAdoo has been nationally recognized as a distinguished poet, artist, writer and author,
musician and recording artist, professional development facilitator, and community organizer.
He has used his skills in the areas of music, writing, and art to facilitate solutions to
community concerns, with the intention of making Little Rock the best city it can be. Leron
understands the benefits of diversity. He has demonstrated through his various endeavors how to
provide a venue for everyone’s voices to be heard. A wide range of organizations have
recognized Leron McAdoo for his commitment to community service. He has served on the
United Methodist Church Central District Leadership Team, City of Little Rock Arts and Culture
Commission, Roots Art Connection Board, Ascension Arts Academy Board, Central Arkansas
Music Awards Board, and the National Education Association Delegation for Arkansas. He is
the Co-Founder of Backyard Enterprises (a provider of creative services for the community) and
The Writeous (a poetic and artistic youth collective). Because of his dedication to impacting
positive change through the arts, Leron has been recognized as one of the city’s first Hip Hop
pioneers and top artists. He has provided talented individuals a venue through radio, television,
and print. He has also performed music outside of the state. McAdoo has been a featured artist in
many galleries including at his alma mater The University of Arkansas Pine Bluff and has
exhibited his art all across the country.

Leron wants to show more of Little Rock’s greatness. He is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Inc.
and practices service for humanity. He addresses race relations and urban needs through his
ongoing event and once television show Mind Blazn. He uses his experience as a nationally
renowned Foreign Tongues member to motivate through uplifting poetry. McAdoo highlighted
local history makers as a DJ on 88.3, 98.9, and Power 92.3. And he also produced the radio
documentary “On The Line: Stories From Ninth Street.”

Leron “Ron Mc” McAdoo is committed to a city for a city at its best. That’s Little Rock love.


Dale Pekar

I’m running for office because Little Rock is getting ripped off by the exurbs–and I haven’t been able to get the Board of Directors or City Staff to remedy the situation.  Little Rock is providing them free 911, free radio and even free Fire Department services–for fig-leaf payments.  I will fight to stop providing charity to these exurban communities that are wealthier, have higher incomes and higher property values, and lower taxes.  I will work to see that Little Rock either cancels these contracts or re-negotiates them on terms favorable to Little Rock.  

The weak-kneed behavior of our Board of Directors in caving-in to ArDOT’s demands to speed traffic through and further divide Little Rock at the expense of those who live, work or recreate in the city is appalling.  9 new stop lights in the downtown area are not going to facilitate downtown commutes.

Little Rock’s casual collection procedures must be stopped.  Metrocentre Improvement District’s failure to pay rent on the parking garage at 6th and Scott for decades demonstrates gross laxity in proper fiduciary management.  How many entities are being given a free ride by Little Rock taxpayers?   

Except for a 3-year tour of duty in Stuttgart, Germany, Becky and I have lived downtown near MacArthur Park since the year 2000.  We have two wonderful sons, one of whom also lives downtown.  I have degrees in Sociology and Economics including an M.S. from Trinity University in San Antonio where Becky and I both grew up and met.  I’ve served as an economist, land management planner, and contract negotiator with the USDA Forest Service and Natural Resources Conservation Service; the US Army Corps of Engineers; the USAF Air Logistics Command; and the US Africa Command.  

Currently volunteering with Literacy Action of Central Arkansas, I enjoy working with students to improve their fluency in English and numeracy and have also served in the Volunteers in Public Schools program at Rockefeller Elementary and with Little Rock’s Racial and Cultural Diversity Commission and the Historic District Commission.


Glen Schwarz

Glen Schwarz is a 66-year-old citizen activist and a graduate of Florida State University. I am best known for spearheading an end to the drug war Arkansas in regards marijuana. With this goal now in site, I’m turning my attention to fighting global warming.

As a City Director, I will pass an ordinance to decriminalize marijuana possession. This will give police the option of writing a citation instead of arresting persons who are caught in possession of small amounts of weed.

Then I will invite Entergy or other energy companies to present plans to build a Thorium based nuclear power plant here at the Little Rock port facility. Another plan will be made for a hemp based bio-fuel plant at the same location.  Using the power thus generated, Arkansas will be able to SHUT down 2 of the 5 coal powered plants now in use. 

Other plans need to made to prepare Little Rock for exponential growth in the near future.  If it is our destiny to grow to a city of several million because of sea level rise, we should be prepared for this and accommodate new citizens without destroying the natural environment of Central Arkansas.  

Editorial note: Schwarz was unable to do a video interview, however, he submitted written responses to the following ten questions.

Question 1: Please tell us about yourself.

Glen Schwarz is a 66 year old citizen activist and a graduate of Florida State University. I am best known for spearheading an end to the Arkansas drug war in regards marijuana. With this goal now in site, I’m turning my attention to fighting global warming.

As a City Director, I will pass an ordinance ASAP to decriminalize marijuana possession. This will give police the option of writing a citation instead of arresting on a misdemeanor persons who are caught in possession of small amounts of weed.

Then I will invite Entergy or other energy companies to present plans to build a Thorium based nuclear power plant here at the Little Rock port facility. Another plan will be made for a hemp based bio-fuel plant near the same location. Using the electric power thus generated, Arkansas will be able to SHUT down 2 of the 5 coal powered plants now in use.
Other plans need to made to prepare Little Rock for exponential growth in the near future. If it is our destiny to grow to a city of several million because of sea level rise, we should be prepared for this and accommodate new citizens without destroying the natural environment of Central Arkansas.

Question 2: Crime in Little Rock has been an issue for years. What is your opinion on the relationship between the Little Rock Police Department and the community, what ideas do you have to improve community policing and how should the crime rate be addressed?

The people who serve as police are heroes. When I was young, we used to disparage the police, calling them pigs and etc. Then I saw a billboard that changed my mind. It said, “Next time you get in trouble, call a hippie.” Nuf said.

Question 3: There is an apparent discord within the Little Rock Police Department. The police chief is facing multiple lawsuits from current and former city employees. The police chief, in his individual capacity, is suing Little Rock employees over civil rights violations. How do you plan on addressing these apparent issues within the city’s police department?

Let the police men and women nominate their own choice for a chief.

Question 4: The Board’s at-large positions have always been a hot topic. Do you believe the Board should be restructured?

The at large positions serve kind of like the US Senate, giving city wide representation to many issues.

Question 5: Some Board members have been vocal in recent months about a disconnect between the Mayor’s office and some members of the Board. How do you plan on working with the executive office but still hold executive leadership accountable?

The mayor has enough power now to run this city. I am opposed to more power for the mayor, and am especially opposed to paying two full time policemen to guard the mayor around the clock.

Question 6: Some would say the City has taken a significant effort to revitalize neighborhoods. How would you further those efforts?

The people build neighborhoods, not the city or the government. People live where they want or where they can afford to. It is not the business of the government to decide where people live based upon their color, creed or religious belief. The free market system will determine the prosperity of one neighborhood or another.

Question 7: People have voiced concerns about a racial divide, specifically using I-630 as reference between poor neighborhoods, middle class and upper class neighborhoods. What part will you have to help unite the City?

We are all united in striving for a sustainable future. The threats of global warming, asteroid strike or nuclear Armageddon will pay little heed to whether you are north or south of the I-630 corridor.

Question 8: If elected, what will you do to improve the quality of life for every citizen?

The people will improve their own quality of life by their hard work or good ideas. My main job is to keep government out of their way and out of their pocketbooks.

Question 9: If elected, your term would consist of rebuilding the city’s economy after the COVID-19 global health pandemic. Many businesses have been forced to close. What kind of experience do you have to ensure Little Rock not only bounces back but grows to a new a height?

We have become a nation of Germaphobes. Once a vaccine is available, the people will rebound with a new energy and appreciation of their health and freedom.

Question 10: In recent years, the City announced a financial struggle which caused layoffs and park closures. If elected, how will you ensure the City avoids future layoffs and other closures?

The City of Little Rock will live within its budget, as it must. I will have no trouble cutting costs or programs to ensure that the city lives within its means. I do however, believe that taxes on gasoline, diesel and coal should be increased to at least cover the entire costs for roads, bridges and mass transit.


Rohn Muse

Adjunct Instructor since 2011, University of Arkansas Little Rock

NCIDQ Interior Designer since 1994
Former Fashion Designer
Owner/Caretaker/Wildlife Preservationist
Mid-Rock Orchard and Apiary (An Urban Farm)
Muse has been a Private Business Owner for 30+ years

Muse is a Former Planning Commissioner
City of Little Rock, Arkansas – Two Terms (Six Years)

Muse Graduated from McClellan High School 1971
Muse holds a Baccalaureate in Anthropology 2004

Muse holds an Interdisciplinary Master of Arts Degree: Emphasis on Social Sciences 2011
Rohn Muse is experientially and academically prepared to serve as At Large Position 9 Director.

Rohn Muse can be found on Facebook: Rohn Muse for Little Rock; Twitter: @ROHNMUSE and Email: To Text Rohn Muse: 501-944-1373 or leave a message and he will get back to you ASAP.


Alan Bubbas

Alan Bubbus is originally from Russellville, Arkansas. His father owned a restaurant, so he grew up in the restaurant business. His first job at his dad’s restaurant was as a dishwasher and Alan quickly became aware of the long hours, hard work and weekends spent working that led him to swear that he would never again work in the restaurant industry. Of course, things eventually changed.

After graduating from Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, Alan went into banking for seven years in the Little Rock area. He became interested and focused his banking career into the real estate sector both residential and commercial. It was during this time that Alan met his wife Jessica.

Alan became interested in pursuing a law degree and began classes in 2010. At the very same time, he was approached by a family member who had opened a
restaurant with the help of Alan’s father. He encouraged Alan to work with his dad to open a restaurant. Alan became excited about the idea of producing a restaurant and become aware of an older restaurant site in Conway. Alan realized the potential of the real estate and David’s Burgers was born. Collaborating with his father proved to be a great idea. Alan along with his wife would go on to produce nine locations for David’s Burgers owning about half of the locations and leasing the rest. Alan wanted David’s Burgers to be more than just flipping burgers and pushing them out the door. He viewed the burger industry as an opportunity to be a positive influence in the city. David’s Burgers gave Alan an opportunity to work with employees and help them gain not only restaurant knowledge but life knowledge as well. He also wanted a place where guests would be treated as family. Currently David’s Burgers employees over 300 people in central Arkansas.

During the progress of David’s Burgers Alan finished law school with a degree from
UALR William H Bowen School of Law. He was able to do this by attending night classes while running three restaurants and planning a fourth. More importantly Alan began his family. His wife Jessica had been greatly moved by a presentation at Geyer Springs First Baptist Church teaching about the need for foster parents in the state of Arkansas. This started Alan’s relationship with The CALL, an organization dedicated to encouraging families in the Christian community to consider foster care and adoption of children. They help lead the families through the paperwork and other steps with the Department of Human Service foster care program. Alan and his wife signed up and began the waiting period necessary to become a foster parent. During this time Alan and Jessica had their first biological son, David. Shortly after the birth of David they began to foster and ended up fostering 10 children during the next 18 months. Alan began to serve on the board of directors for The CALL. They then adopted two children Evan and Ethan. Not long afterward Alan and Jessica welcomed their second biological son Moses into the world.

One of Alan’s restaurant managers asked him if he was still fostering children. At that time the Bubbus’ where not active in the foster program. The circumstances of one of Alan’s employees, 16 year old JP, was compelling. He was permitted by his legal guardian to stay with Alan and Jessica because he needed a safe place to live. The arrangement began as a temporary solution but became a permanent situation with JP becoming a member of Alan’s family. Once again, not longer after this Alan and Jessica had their third biological son named Abraham and Alan is now the father of six boys.

Alan along with his wife still support The CALL and two other organization that help foster children; Project Zero and Immerse. They have also been strongly involved with Walk for the Waiting, which brings awareness and raises money to help foster children in the state of Arkansas.

Alan continues to have a passion for both real estate and restaurants. He is currently working on developing properties while growing David’s Burgers (with the newest location scheduled to be in Hot Springs in 2021) and developing new restaurant concepts. He is a passionate family man and loves spending time with his wife and children. He has spent nearly his entire life in central Arkansas and cares deeply for his community.


Tom Horton

AGE: 69 Years of Age 

BIRTHPLACE: Longbranch, New Jersey (Army Hospital during the Korean War).

FAMILY: Happily Divorced, No Children

EDUCATION: BS in Biology, UALR, 1974. BS in Pharmacy, UAMS, 1978.

CURRENT OCCUPATION: Retired Pharmacist and I keep my license active in case I want to do relief work.

EXPERIENCE: I worked part time at Weingarten’s Grocery while attending Central High School, UALR, and UAMS College of Pharmacy from 16 to 28 years of age until I finished Pharmacy school. In the early 1970’s while at UALR, I served one two year term as Justice of the Peace for Big Rock Township of Pulaski County. During that tenure I voted on the County budget and other proposals. Also, at UALR I studied Economics and Accounting. In operating and owning my drugstore for 15 years; working for chain drugstores for 12 years; doing relief work in independent pharmacies for about 3 years, and retail grocery experience, I understand business and have met people from all walks of life while working. Therefore, I would apply my previous work experiences to serving Little Rock on the City Board of Directors.

PLATFORM: The citizens of Little Rock are entitled to be protected by their Police department whether they pay taxes or not. They should be free to walk in their own neighborhood and downtown while being safe. Meanwhile, some city councils are defunding their Police departments, crime is rising and ordinary people are paying the price. I support the Police and Fire Departments and strongly back their continued monetary budgets. Public safety and Law & Order are two reasons I filed for Position 9. Also, I support the 2nd Amendment for Sportsmen and Sportswomen as well as for self-defense. I’m a strong proponent of Capitalism not Socialism. I stand for our National Anthem, American Flag and say the Pledge of Allegiance. I support our Military and Veterans. During the Vietnam War I had to take the military physical and written exam. The instructor said only one person ever scored 100 and the average was 30-35. I scored 93 on the test. I am Pro-Life, except in cases of rape or incest, and I am a Christian. As members of the City Board we must work within the financial budget we have and not run it on a financial deficit. In other words, we have to use the money we have and not spend more money than we take in. I want to make Little Rock a better place to live and work.

HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: Fishing, Walking, Vegetable Gardening, Reading, Working In The Yard, Being At A Lake, Travel, and Watching T.V..

SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS: Former member of: Arkansas Pharmacist Association, American Pharmacist Association, and Pulaski County Master Gardner Volunteer Program. Volunteered at Riverfest and Arkansas Flower and Garden Show

READING INTERESTS: Bible, News, Some Sports, Politics, Covid-19, Internet, Medscape, APhA’s Pharmacy Today magazine, NIH, Science Alert, Norman Vincent Peale, Jack London, Tolstoy, Ernest Hemingway, and Dale Carnegie.

CONTACTS: Email, phone: 501-400-7655 (please leave a message so I can return your call). Social Media: & and Instagram Handle: tom_horton94. Website:

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