LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Concerns are raised after allegations that a gun was brought to a polling location Friday in Little Rock.

Friday night, Mayoral candidate Steve Landers released this statement about the alleged argument.

“It is my understanding that a number of supporters of Mayor Frank Scott Jr. were antagonistic toward our poll workers who are members of Latinos for Landers,” Landers said. “We do not condone any intimidation or threatened violence at polling locations, or any place else in our city. Further, guns, or the appearance of guns have no place at polling locations.”

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr’s team also released a statement regarding the altercation.

“This incident where Steve Landers’ poll workers displayed a gun was not only witnessed by not only Frank Scott Jr. campaign poll workers, but another candidate in the race as well… Guns have no place at polling sites, nor should they be used to intimidate anyone.” Scott Jr. said.

Candidate for Mayor, Greg Henderson, said he witnessed the whole thing.

“There were three Frank Scott supporters out there holding up signs,” Henderson said. “About 20 minutes into that, a handful, well two Landers supporters pulled up and started jarring back and forth with some of the Scott supporters.”

Henderson said the Landers supporters called more people to come support and things began to escalate.

“One of the Landers supporters indicated he had a gun. He pressed it up against his hip so that you could see the outline,” Henderson said.

Henderson said that voters began to notice the heated argument.

“There were some people going back and forth to vote and they were kind of cowering down and walking real fast to get out of there,” Henderson said.

Finally, Henderson said the supporters were separated and the situation was handled.

“Another Frank Scott Jr. supporter and I we took the other two to the back of the parking lot and were like ‘hey this is getting to be a tense situation, there could be guns involved, let’s calm down.’” Henderson said.

According to Henderson, guns have no place at polling sites.

“There is never a need for that type of argument going on,” Henderson explained. “It needs to be a place where, if we are all in this together, and we are really all trying to make the city better, regardless of which candidate you are supporting or which candidate you are, we need to make sure we are building people up and not creating divides that continue to plague the city,” Henderson said.

Steve Landers and Mayor Frank Scott Jr said they do not plan to comment any further.

Little Rock Police also confirm they were not informed of this incident and no police report was filed.

Again, weapons of any kind are not allowed at any of the polling sites.