LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Little Rock voters will be able to vote on a one-cent sales tax late next year after a decision from the mayor.

In a statement, Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. said a vote on the tax will take place in November 2024. Holding the vote then instead of November 2023 was “in the best interests of our City and its voters,” the mayor said in the statement.

Scott stated he had “listened to residents from every neighborhood” for input on the proposed tax. The mayor characterized the meetings as residents stating what their needs and expectations were and determining the best date for the sales tax vote.

“It’s clearly not a matter of if we hold an election, but when,” the mayor stated, adding that a 2023 vote did not provide enough time for what he called “voter education” about the proposed tax.

The mayor said he plans to continue promoting the tax throughout the city.

“As we move forward with a tax framework for voters to consider in 2024, we are incorporating the feedback we took from our ward meetings and advancing a tax plan that addresses our needs and focuses on strategic growth,” Scott stated.  

Scott also provided a vision for the outcome if voters accept the sales tax.

“We must enhance our crime reduction strategies to incorporate state-of-the-art technologies and better vehicles. We must repair our city’s streets and sidewalks and re-invest in our 63 city parks,” Scott said. “We must create new recreational opportunities for all generations, like a senior activity center and an indoor/outdoor sports complex that will generate revenue and give Little Rock a real home field advantage in youth sports.”

Scott had said he expected the tax to provide an additional $600 million for the city. The tax increase is slated to end after 10 years but may be extended by a supermajority vote of the city’s board of directors.