LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- A big race for Arkansas’ second congressional, getting national attention and votes are still being counted in Pulaski County. 

Tuesday night, state senator Joyce Elliott said she was not going to concede to incumbent French Hill but Wednesday she changed her mind. 

“Intentionally decisions were made by those in power,” said Joyce Elliot.

While conceding, Joyce Elliott said her trust was broken and she made accusations about how the election was handled in the natural state.

“Instead of doing what every other county did and canvass absentee ballots before election day. Pulaski County chose to start late,” said Elliott.

Pulaski County Commissioners said they are taking the same steps as everyone else. 

“Canvassing started October 19th of the outer envelope. We started on October 19th on the outer envelope. We did them as quickly as we received them from the clerk’s office,” said Kristi Stahr, Pulaski County Commissioner.

Kristi Stahr, Pulaski County Commissioner said since October 19th, they’ve had a team of 80 absentee workers working everyday canvassing ballots that came in.

The process was open to the public and live streamed online. 

The commission said more than 4,000 ballots were rejected because something was missing during canvassing, like the voter statement and in some cases the ballot itself. 

Pulaski County Commissioners are reviewing each of those packets to see if those votes can be counted.

“The steps that we are putting into place is to make sure that when you go to the polls, your vote counts,” said Stahr.