LITTLE ROCK, Ark – As the race to be the next governor of Arkansas continues, a group of evangelical pastors said they are hoping to push voters past party lines.

During an event in Little Rock Tuesday the group Vote Common Good said it was endorsing Democratic candidate Chris Jones.

Fayetteville pastor Robb Ryerse, the group’s political director, noted that a group of evangelical ministers backing a progressive candidate may conflict with expectations.

“There’s kind of this sense that ‘Well, Arkansas’s a red state, Arkansas’s a Christian state, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has this thing locked up and we’re saying no,” he said.

This election season, Ryerse said he hopes voters focus on what they want to see in the state when they are casting their ballots.

Jones believes his message of bringing Arkansans together is resonating with voters.

“Folks want change, folks want community, and people are really tired of the division,” he said.

As the campaign trail continues, Jones said he’s listening now more than ever.

“What if we actually lived out our values? What if we actually did the things we say we believed in? What would Arkansas look like if we did that?” he told reporters Tuesday.

With just six weeks until election day, supporters on all sides are waving flags. This group of pastors says they’re hoping for change in the state.

“I think there’s big surprises coming all over the country and I really hope that one of them is here in Arkansas,” Ryerse said.

Libertarian candidate Ricky Dale Harrington, who has been traveling the state with his next stop in Berryville, issued this statement to KARK 4 News Tuesday:  

“I have been attending candidate forums and community events. These politically neutral events give me the best opportunity to speak directly to Arkansans about the issues that matter most to them. My next stop is Berryville, Arkansas. I am deeply grateful to those who have extended these invites and always enjoy my time in the community. I am canvassing Arkansas to stay connected with folks and urge everyone to participate in governing this state so that the people may rule.”

KARK 4 News also reached out to Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her team for comment on this story, but they declined. Locally, Sanders continues her tour across the state in Cabot on Monday.