PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. – The countdown to election day is ticking into its final hours as early voting wraps up.

With one last push to convince interested voters, counties across the state are racking in a record turnout for those looking to cast their vote early.

At the Pulaski County Regional Building, the last place to early vote before election day, lines during the lunch hours spread outside the building and around the parking lot, an unusual site for voters casting their vote early.

“Usually, it’s about half this or less,” one voter remarked while waiting in line. Another said he waited more than a half-hour to make it inside.

It’s not just Pulaski County seeing more voters – Arkansas as a whole saw historic midterm primary voting numbers, with many counties breaking records for how many ballots were cast before election day.

In Faulkner county, as of Saturday, there were 1,500 more early voters than in 2016 – just a portion of the more than 65,000 additional state-wide votes since the last midterm.

“We’ve surpassed the 2016 early voting, which was a record,” explained Faulkner County Election Commission chair Rob Denning. “It hasn’t just been all on one day or all on day one, it’s been a pretty steady flow.”

Early voting numbers are expected to go up once today’s are counted, and election day historically brings good numbers.

A few possible reasons for the early push could involve the many contested races including big names, a desire to avoid election day lines or the forecasted Tuesday night storms.

Those who have yet to vote can do so on election day – just make sure to know exactly where you can and cannot cast your ballot depending on the country and bring an ID.