LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The Citizens for Arkansas Public Education and Students group has submitted its third referendum to the Attorney General’s office.

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin has denied two previous submissions due to missing or unsatisfactory components, including issues with the ballot title, font size and missing summaries.

A release from CAPES noted that the organization worked with Griffin, Deputy Attorney General Ryan Owsley and Attorney Walt Paulson on May 16 to ensure that the expectations outlined in both the first and second rejections were met in the third submission.

“CAPES firmly believes in the power of citizens’ participation and their right to have a say in
matters that directly affect them, especially within the realm of education. The LEARNS Act
carries significant implications for the future of education and communities in Arkansas, and it is
vital the citizens of Arkansas have the opportunity to voice their opinions on this matter,” a release from CAPES said.

CAPES says that it is optimistic about the third submission.

“CAPES remains hopeful his office will receive the new submission with the intent to work with our organization in order to ensure the democratic process is supported, and trusts that the Attorney General’s office will recognize the importance of expediting this process,” the release said.

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed the LEARNS Act into law on March 8.