LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A group of Arkansans looking to repeal the LEARNS Act said they are not letting up, despite a few recent hold-ups.

Citizens for Arkansas Public Education and Students (CAPES) is now working on its third submission to Attorney General Tim Griffin’s office to repeal the law through a referendum.

Chair Veronica McClane said she is feeling encouraged after Tuesday’s meeting with the AG’s office regarding the submissions.

In his first rejection of the referendum, Griffin said the proposal did not have a clear popular name and had an insufficient ballot title. 

In the second rejection, the AG noted that the revised popular name was “legally sufficient” but again said the ballot title missed the mark.

“Since this second version of your ballot title does not even attempt to summarize numerous other provisions in the act, the ballot title is insufficient,” the rejection stated.

The attorney general’s office also noted that the most recent version of the ballot title failed to adequately summarize the LEARNS Act, failed to make all the changes noted in the first response to the submission and was printed in a font too small for potential voters to be able to read.

While working on the third submission, McClane noted that in the meeting with the attorney general’s office, she felt she learned what the group needed to fix moving forward and how to make the effort successful down the road.

“It is not a game,” McClane said. “It is something we really want the people of Arkansas to consider on the ballot in 2024.”

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has said several times she is confident the LEARNS Act is not going anywhere, whether that is through a repeal or legal action.