LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A Senate bill some are labeling as anti-trans is headed to the Arkansas House Thursday after it passed in the Senate, Tuesday.

“Almost anything we are doing in the legislature is focused on kids and safety for kids and dignity for our children,” State Sen. Bart Hester said.

Many in the transgender community are now speaking out.

“I have never ever been in trouble with the law, I have a clean record and I am not a child predator,” transgender woman Danielle Fagan said.

The bill states adults could be charged with a felony if they are found guilty of indecency with a minor of the opposite sex in a public changing facility, meaning a restroom, bathroom, locker room, or shower room.

“I think as adults we have a responsibility to make sure a child is protected before I get the thing I am most comfortable with, so if I walk into a bathroom that I shouldn’t be using and a child is in there, I step out until the child is done,” Hester stated.

“I get the reason behind it, but you also have to see if there is an agenda behind it,” Fagan stated.

Some in the transgender community are now asking questions like, “Will this affect those who have had gender reconstruction surgery?” The answer, according to Hester, is no.

“The reality is, someone that believes they are a different sex still has the right to use any bathroom they want, if they enter and there is a child in there, they just need to step out until the child leaves,” Hester stated.

“It’s like sure my birth certificate says male, but I have been female for quite a long time,” Fagan said.

The bill is headed for the House committee Thursday.