LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – As Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was taking her oath of office and beginning her tenure as the leader of Arkansas, lawmakers from across the Natural State were sending in congratulations.

Sanders is making history as the first woman to serve as governor in Arkansas, and she is currently the youngest governor in the United States.

The daughter of former Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee and the press secretary to former Pres. Donald Trump has deep GOP ties, and the members of the Arkansas delegation to the US House were quick to point to the conservative values she brings to the office.

Rep. Rick Crawford issued a statement congratulating Sanders and saying he looked forward to working with her to improve the quality of life for Arkansans. He also thanked outgoing Gov. Asa Hutchinson for his work in the office for the past eight years.

“Congratulations to Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders on being sworn into office today as the 47th governor of Arkansas and making history as the first female governor of the Natural State. I look forward to seeing her lead, and working with her on our shared goals, which include improving the quality of life for Arkansans and ensuring that our state is an attractive place for our children and grandchildren to raise their families. She has big shoes to fill, as Governor Asa Hutchinson worked hard to strengthen our great state over the past 8 years.”

In a statement, Rep. French Hill said he looked forward to seeing what Sanders would do to address the state’s budget, lower taxes and update the education system. He also noted the Arkansas is seeing a “new generation of leadership.”

“I congratulate Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders on being sworn in today as the 47th Governor of Arkansas. I look forward to seeing her lead the Natural State, including addressing budget reform and lowering income taxes, reforming Arkansas’ education system, and implementing new public safety measures. I thank former Governor Asa Hutchinson for all the work he did for Arkansans over the past eight years and I am delighted that Arkansas has a new generation of leadership and that Sanders is making history as our state’s first female governor.”

Rep. Steve Womack, who represents the state’s 3rd Congressional District, said Sanders would “make the Natural State proud” and that he had “absolute confidence” that she could advance the state.

“Congratulations to Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders as she leads Arkansas. She will make the Natural State proud. I have absolute confidence in her ability to move Arkansas forward. Her vision and commitment to our shared values will serve her well as she embarks on this new journey. Best wishes on your inauguration, and I look forward to our shared work to ensure the future of our great state remains bright for generations to come. I also want to thank Governor Asa Hutchinson for his years of service and the strong foundation he’s left to build on.”

In a tweet, now former Governor Asa Hutchinson congratulated Sanders during her inaugural address, wishing her well.

“It was exciting and historic as we watched the first woman elected Governor of Arkansas give her Inaugural Address,” Hutchinson said in his tweet.

Following the inaugural ceremonies at the capitol, Sanders planned to sign a series of executive orders. She will attend her inaugural ball tonight at the Statehouse Convention Center.