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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Congressman French Hill and state senator Joyce Elliot stepped on to the stage today for their first and likely only debate for this political season. Our Jay Bir was a panelist for the discussion today and he asked about the defund the police movement, the national debt, and broadband infrastructure.

Broadband has been one of the most talked-about topics in Arkansas since the onset of the pandemic, both candidates saying there are inequities in education revealed because of broadband access and affordability, both say there is a great need for it in rural parts of the state.

“If we’re going to educate kids if they were going to be technologically savvy we need to make sure we have the type of broadband and make sure we have the types of devices in our school so that our kids can learn how to compete on the world stage,” said Joyce Elliot

“I believe strongly with working with our governor and with federal resources, we’ll be able to solve this important broadband challenge in the years ahead and make sure that more towns and communities across our state have access to high-speed Broadband,” said French Hill.

One message that has come out of protests was the idea of defunding police departments, a notion that both candidates rejected and want to see a better approach to policing in the U.S.

“Never be a zero-sum game of the police against the community so community policing is something I think we need to make sure we are building up,” said Elliot.

People don’t wanna defund the police they want to honor our police, but at the same time if we have bad cops out there we want to get them decertified and out of the police force is whether or not passed around from one department to another,” said Hill.

The national debt is now equal to the GDP of the United States, senator Elliot says the tax cuts and jobs act that Hill voted for has further put the U.S. behind financially, Hill says the proposed tax increase of democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden will stunt growth.

“But that tax cut cost us country $1 trillion for the richest people in our country for the most part and it does not matter of what kind Congressman Hill says about it it is not a tax that is equitable for most people in this country,” said Joyce Elliot.

“Pay $4 trillion tax increase proposed by Biden and Harris will not do that they return to Obama‘s red tape more rules and regulations will not spur business, so coming out of this we need to get our economy back growing and that’s how will help fight enormous debt that we’ve incurred fighting this pandemic,” said French Hill.

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