LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Pastel Polaroid Photography customers say they’re still waiting for refunds more than a month after the owner promised them.

In June, Working4You uncovered several instances where Kayla McDaniel booked photo sessions and never showed up. Now crews are discovering the issue goes past state lines.

“I should have known it was too good to be true,” Amanda Clemens said.

Clements is from Oklahoma. She says she found McDaniel advertising wedding photo sessions on a social media group called Oklahoma Brides on a Budget.

Clements said McDaniel, who is from Arkansas, marketed herself as a travel photographer.

She said McDaniel was paid and set for the wedding day and then panic set in.

“My soon-to-be husband at the time, he was panicking calling me, he was like ‘Where is the photographer? Where is the photographer?,” Clements said.

Time until the wedding ticked on, Clements said there was no sign of McDaniel.

“She completely avoided me until 20 minutes before the ceremony,” Clements said.

McDaniel messaged Clements saying she had gotten a flat tire and was looking for a replacement. Clements asked for a refund.

“Every time I look at pictures that people got, it breaks my heart that much more because I don’t have professional pictures,” Clements said.

Chelsey Gonzales is a bride-to-be in Texas. She said she hired McDaniel in December of 2022 after she was advertising in a north Texas brides group.

Gonzales said she’s been trying to get a refund since Working 4You’s first story in June.

“Honestly the fact that she’s going silent tells me a lot,” Gonzales said. “It tells me that nobody’s going to get any services. Nobody’s going to get their money back.”

Working4You tried reaching out to McDaniel on July 11 and got no response.

Two days later, the photographer was seen posting in a DFW group advertising photo sessions in the area. The post has since been deleted.

“I cried because I was so upset because I didn’t want anyone else out the money and feeling the way that I did,” Gonzales said.

Working4You has tried reaching out to McDaniel since and still has not gotten a response.

Customers say they’ve given up hope of getting their money back. They say it’s a lesson learned, and hope others won’t make the same mistake.

“If it seems too good to be true, it probably is,” Clements said.

The Better Business Bureau says they have received complaints about McDaniel and encourage anyone facing the same issues file a formal complaint. The BBB also has tips for hiring a professional on their website.

The Arkansas Attorney General’s Office has received four complaints and are currently reviewing them.

The AG’s office says if anyone is concerned that they have paid for goods or services that were not provided, to file a complaint.

Those who wish to file a complaint can call the office at 800-482–8982 or email