LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Little Rock’s Police Chief to sue the city for violating his civil rights, according to new court documents obtained by Working 4 You.

In September 2020, Chief Keith Humphrey filed a lawsuit claiming there’s a conspiracy to get him off the force. Currently, the suit names 16 people and the Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police.

When Humphrey and his lawyer announced the lawsuit at a press conference last September, they made it clear who wasn’t involved.

“This is not a case against the City of Little Rock. This is not a case against the Mayor of Little Rock or the City Manager of Little Rock. This is not a case against the Little Rock Police Department,” Humphrey’s lawyer Michael Laux said, during the press conference.

An email Laux sent last week points to a different stance. Laux sent the email to the Judge, his law clerks, and the defense attorneys. In the message, Laux wrote that “in the next week or so” he planned to add the city of Little Rock to the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Humphrey is being sued himself. Since last April he’s been named in 5 lawsuits filed by current and former officers. The claims in those suits range from retaliation to sexual harassment.

At this point an updated lawsuit naming the city has not been filed, court rules dictate that must be done by September 10th.

There are also several pending motions to dismiss this case, the judge has not said when he plans to rule on those.

The Chief’s lawyer has not responded to requests for comment.

The Mayor’s office turned down an interview but sent a statement saying, “the City Attorney’s Office has not seen a filing that includes the City of Little Rock. There is no further comment regarding litigation involving city personnel.”