Why the lock on a web page doesn’t mean it’s safe


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The days of surfing the web and feeling secure by looking for the lock icon next to the URL are gone, according to Cyber Security Expert Chris Wright.

“You really can’t trust anymore that it’s verified,” Wright said.

Wright is the founder and manager of Citadel Systems, a cybersecurity company that works with small and mid-sized businesses in the Little Rock area.

He said the trusted lock symbol we see on web browsers does not always mean the website is secure.

“You want to look for more clues. There’s not just one thing and I think that’s what we’ve gotten hung up on,” Wright said.

The lock shows the site is encrypted, but not verified.

“This was when the web was a lot smaller and there were a lot fewer places on it,” he explained.

While there’s not one sign to know the website you’re going to is legit, there are a few things you can look for to help avoid becoming a victim.

“You also want to look at the URL, the address that you’re going to, and make sure that is legitimate,” Wright said.

You can do that by hovering your mouse over the link and making sure it shows the website you’re actually trying to access. If a different website shows up, then chances are it will send you somewhere you do not want to be.

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