LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Water services at a Little Rock apartment complex will soon be shut off, according to flyers distributed to residents. The apartment manager said the issue will be resolved.

The Big Country Chateau apartment complex has been in the news several times in recent years. Residents said mold and unsafe living conditions are common, and shootings happen relatively often.

Last Friday, the Central Arkansas Water company distributed flyers to residents that said water services will be indefinitely discontinued after Sept. 1. The flyer said there are no plans to resume services.

“For the people that already struggle out here, you just made it 10x worse,” said one resident who did not wish to be identified. “We struggle to pay you the rent.”

The resident said he has multiple children who live with him, and the family has already been unhappy with living conditions.

“How do you expect to run an apartment complex with no water, gas, or lights?” the resident said.

An apartment manager who requested to not be identified said the ownership group, located out of state, has gotten behind on paying certain bills, including water. Residents’ water and utilities are included in their rent.

“The tenants found out at the same time we did,” the manager said. “As the property management, we only knew that as of Friday when the water company was putting out the flyers.”

The manager said the ownership group will be responsible for correcting this problem, and one owner said he plans to fly to Little Rock and meet with the water company. Attempts to reach Central Arkansas Water for comment were not returned Monday.

“At no point would they allow the water to get shut off,” the manager said. “They would do whatever they had to to make sure there was no disruption in the water service.”

The manager said he plans to distribute new flyers telling residents the problem is being solved. Several residents expressed support for property managers Monday.

Officials from CAW responded Monday evening by email saying:

“CAW Management staff are actively monitoring this matter and will continue to work with the account holder to assist with an optimal solution for all involved parties.

The account holder’s privacy rights are protected under Arkansas Act 186 pertaining to customer-protected data which “prohibits disclosure of public water system customers.”

Some residents said the water debacle only furthered their resolve to move out. They said they want to be reimbursed for rent so they can find a new place to live. “You can give us something to be able to move out of here in a good enough time,” one man said.