SHERWOOD, Ark – A renter in Sherwood says conditions at the Royal Oaks Trailer Park are unlivable after a sewage issue goes untreated for weeks.

Rebecca Martinez has lived at the trailer park for four years. As of late, her backyard is more like a maze where she must watch her step and be ready to change course.

“People shouldn’t have to live like this,” Martinez said.

Outside her door are several puddles of standing water, she says it’s sewage.

“It’s terrible,” said Martinez. “It’s probably terrible for a whole lot more people that just won’t open their mouth.”

Rewind to last month. Temperatures in Central Arkansas took a plunge in February when ice and sleet rolled in. Martinez says she was without heat for days.

“By that time, the pipes were busted,” said Martinez.

Shortly after the storm, Martinez says she started to notice drainage issues.

“Every time I washed clothes my commodes were flooding out and it was backing up through the bathtubs,” Martinez said.

She says there was inches of standing water left for her to clean up.

Martinez says she contacted the office about the issue three times and got few answers.

Our team stopped by and spoke to the manager on duty. She told us a plumber was sent to Martinez’s trailer this week to snake the drain.

Martinez outside, the sewage remains a problem.

“I never saw the water go away,” Martinez said.

Management tells us changes have been made to renting policies and now maintenance issues are to be dealt with by the tenant.

We’re told management has changed over the last year. We contacted the company that owns the trailer park, Capital Funding, for more answers and have not heard back.

Martinez says the experience has been draining.

“I just got tired,” Martinez said.

Martinez says she received a vacate notice last week. She will be gone in two weeks but says before she leaves, she wants help for the rest of her neighbors.

“I hope they make them come in here and straighten it out,” said Martinez.

Martinez says ultimately she wants new ownership.