JACKSONVILLE, Ark. – Families at a Jacksonville apartment complex have been forced to boil water, then bathe in a sink for months, because they haven’t had any hot water.

Renters like Johnnie Campbell said they have been trying to get the manager of the property to fix the problem but hasn’t.

“Since October the 20th, 2022,” Campbell said. “Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. We’ve had no hot water.”

It’s been 84 days since Campbell felt hot water from his kitchen sink or shower.

“I have a big pan. I heat the stove up and I put it in the sink and that’s how I took a bath today and that’s how I took a bath since October 20, 2022,” Campbell said.

While Campbell talked with us inside, the Working 4 You camera captured crews working outside, trying to fix the problem.

The plumber told us they were called 24 hours prior. Ironically, the same day Working 4 You started calling and texting the landlord.

“We have plumbers that’s here and I believe they’re here because of the media, channel 4,” Campbell said.

Jacksonville Code Enforcement Lieutenant Ryan Wright said the city has received numerous complaints about the hot water issue.

Wright said code enforcement officers have inspected Stone Village seven times between October and January.

“We’ve interacted with them and tried to get them to fix it. They’ve given us invoices where they’ve called plumbers out– come to find some of those invoices, weren’t completely accurate,” Wright said.

Wright said the invoices that were turned over did not have dates on them and some were from 2021.

“They gave them to us under the impression it had recently been done and they weren’t,” Wright said.

Despite seven complaints in a few months and the invoice problem, Wright said he does not believe code enforcement let the renters down.

“We responded to the complaints. Until we did further investigation, we did miss it as far as what was going on with that,” Wright said. “We’re going to hold that property accountable for what they’re doing and ensure the stuff gets fixed.”

Working 4 You found the property is owned by a company out-of-state and they never returned our calls.

The city said the complex and its management is on a short leash.

KARK found the manager of the property is local and he’s also the Director of Worship at a church in Hot Springs.

“After so many months, I texted him and said, “May God have mercy on your soul,” Campbell recalled.

While hot water hasn’t flowed in months, today is different.

While the plumbers continued to work outside, Campbell eventually felt hot water.

“We have hot water,” Campbell yelled across the street.

After 84 days and many holidays later, the problem is fixed.

“I haven’t felt hot water like that since October the 20th,” Campbell said.

For those wondering, how hot? It’s steaming.

“It’s real! I said, ouch! So I’m happy, I’m very happy, thank God. This is a new year, so thank God,” Campbell said.

The property manager (or worship director) never called us back.

Code enforcement cited the manager for the hot water issue and he’s been ordered to court at the end of the month.