DES ARC, Ark. – The sheriff in Prairie County who admitted to occasionally using racial slurs is facing pressure again to resign.

Prairie County sheriff Rick Hickman received a letter from Seventeenth Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Rebecca Reed McCoy Friday asking that he retire.

McCoy said inmates being held on felony warrants requiring a bond were released without having to post a bond or without recommendation from the prosecutor’s office.

The prosecutor said Hickman released a man being held on a felony warrant last February. Then days later, McCoy said the released man shot someone.

Hickman said that his office is has already been addressing these concerns, noting that “We’re correcting the problem.”

The prosecutor also claimed Hickman’s hiring practices are in violation of civil rights statutes by allegedly not hiring African Americans. A claim that sheriff Hickman said was “bull.”

Hickman said he does not have any African American employees right now and it may have been a year or two since he did.

Hickman faced pressure about a year ago to resign after he admitted to occasionally using racial slurs.

McCoy said Hickman has opened the county to “extreme liability” and that he should retire. If not, the prosecutor said she will consider taking further action.

Hickman said all of this is political and he is not retiring.