LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A Little Rock police internal review into the department’s failure to tell the public about a pursuit prior to a teen being killed is complete–  but it will not be made public after all.

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. ordered the review in July 2022 after the Little Rock Police Department never told the public about a pursuit in the minutes before the fleeing vehicle crashed, which killed the passenger 14-year-old Zayne Ortiz.

Little Rock City Director Lance Hines on Thursday afternoon requested that City Hall release certain findings from that internal review.

Police officials only acknowledged the pursuit, for the first time, after a blogger discovered internal affairs documents related to the pursuit.

Mayor Scott directed the police department to investigate if there was any deliberate effort to withhold information, identify systemic failures and develop a corrective action plan.

Aaron Sadler, spokesman for the mayor, said last July that the city intended to share the results of the review, to the extent permitted by law.

The police department said this week the review is complete and it’s been sent to City Hall, but couldn’t release any documents.

“This file is not releasable based on the employee not being suspended or terminated,” Little Rock Police Lieutenant John Trent said.

The mayor’s office confirmed Thursday that the findings of the investigation will not be released.

“It has been determined that the report is a document that cannot be disclosed under FOIA {Freedom of Information Act},” Sadler wrote by email.

The file could only be released if the employee under investigation was demoted, suspended or terminated. It’s unclear which employee, or division of LRPD, was under investigation.