LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Little Rock Police Chief Keith Humphrey filed a federal civil lawsuit Wednesday, in part claiming there’s a conspiracy against him. 

The 95-page suit names more than 20 people including several current officers, the Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police, and a city human relations employee. 

In a press conference, Humphrey and his lawyer Mike Laux laid out the claims they’re making ranging from defamation, abuse of process, and civil rights conspiracy. 

“It’s not about Keith Humphrey, you don’t treat people this way,” Humphrey said. “I didn’t talk to the mayor, no part of this city was involved in this. This was a decision I made, who I talked to was God and my family.”

He claims the people named in the suit are part of an organized attack to discredit and undermine him. 

“We have a rogue group led by the Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police,” Laux said. 

The Cheif’s suit comes in the wake of 5 lawsuits filed against him since April, most by officers who accuse Humphrey of abuse of power and retaliation. 

“That you are unfaithful, that you are a retaliator, that you’re incompetent, that your mean that you’re a sexual harasser,” Humphrey said. 

Chris Burks represents several people in those lawsuits and claims this is the Chief lashing out and continuing to retaliate against his clients. 

“The chief is taking the unprecedented action of suing his critics,” Burks said. “Chief Humphrey did not treat them equally, we tried to work it out privately with the city and he declined so the filed lawsuits.” 

Humphrey said at the end of the day he believes this suit will ultimately bring the department together. 

“This is about the right thing, it’s about the young officers who want to move and grow and the young officers who feel intimidated that they can’t stand up for themselves,” Humphrey said. 
The FOP released a statement in reaction to the suit, you can read it below.