LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A troubled apartment complex is wrapping up it’s time in court and likely to pay the city a chunk of money.

For months, KARK 4 News has brought you the latest updates at Big Country Chateau apartments as tenants have learned their utilities would be shut off and complained about their living conditions.

The city of Little Rock sued the complex over these issues and their slow response time to address life safety violations discovered on the property.

That case wrapped up in court Thursday and the judge is to hand down a fine soon.

The apartment’s defense attorney appeared via Zoom for the final hearing today and said his sole witness, the manager of the apartment complex, was sick with COVID and unable to make it.

The defense attorney did note that tenants quit paying rent when these issues started coming about so they’re now more than $300,000 behind in their tenant’s rent payments, which complicates the process.

One tenant said she hopes some money will be given back to tenants in rent. She said they did not quit paying rent until the complex stopped holding up their end of the deal.

“Give us part of it, you know, throw something our way at least return some of our rent money back,” tenant Maryzlaryne Cranford said. “Then, bulldoze it down.”

The judge should be handing down a fine to the apartment complex within a week.