LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Pulaski County’s prosecutor told Little Rock officials Tuesday that he is approaching the point of exasperation related to public record complaints against the city.

In the letter sent to Little Rock City Attorney Tom Carpenter, Sixth Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegley noted allegations made by Little Rock Ward 4 City Director Capi Peck on Monday that Mayor Frank Scott Jr. instructed a department director not to release certain records.

According to newly released records, a request was made on Oct. 24 for the city’s comprehensive development plan, which includes possible redevelopment plans for or near War Memorial Park, downtown and Southwest Little Rock.

Peck confirmed a constituent requested assistance last week in getting the documents after not hearing anything back about the request. Peck said on Friday, Little Rock Planning and Development Director Jamie Collins told her he could not release the records, by order of the mayor.

KARK officially requested documents related to the plan on Oct. 29. Records show Collins provided the presentation to Peck’s constituent on Oct. 30.

The mayor has denied making such an order.

“Contrary to inaccurate public reports, the City of Little Rock has provided documents as requested, and the Mayor never directed any documents to be withheld,” Aaron Sadler, spokesman for the mayor wrote.

In an email obtained by KARK News, Collins told reporters Monday he was not directed by the mayor or a representative to not release information.

The prosecutor demanded answers from Carpenter stemming from Peck’s accusations that the mayor ordered documents not to be released.

“What is being done to address the numerous claims that the city is violating the FOIA, and indeed, perhaps destroying or secreting documents which should be disclosed pursuant to the FOIA,” Jegley wrote.

Jegley noted that his office will not cease upholding its obligation to enforce the FOIA, election or not.

“Last week, an individual asked the city’s Planning Director for a copy of a report that does not exist and has never been in the City’s possession,” Sadler wrote.

Sadler said while the city did not have the report, it had a PowerPoint presentation that was provided.

The presentation, which was provided to KARK News, reveals a strong demand for multifamily housing in the area of downtown and War Memorial.

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