CONWAY, Ark – People living at a Conway apartment complex say they’re being unfairly treated, living in conditions they say are borderline dangerous.

Alesa Swan says she moved into the Arbor Point apartments in February. As a first-time renter, she hoped the space would be her own oasis.

“This was kind of my first apartment with just my name on it and I was super excited to have a two bedroom,” said Swan.

It wasn’t long before her ‘Oasis’ turned into one of the last places she wanted to be.

“As we were laying in our bed you could just hear water pouring out of the ceiling,” said Swan.

Swan showed our crews a video of the water leak she says she found and called in in her first month at Arbor Point Apartments.

“[The landlord] told me every day, ‘maintenance is coming today, maintenance is coming today,’ and they never showed,” said Swan.

Swan says the landlord told her to use the second bathroom until a fix was able to be made.

Weeks later, the bathroom got worse.

“I literally cried,” said Swan.

Swan says she opened the door to a bathroom covered in mold.

She says she and her one-year-old daughter got sick from staying in the apartment and asked to move to another unit, which was granted.

A text message Swan showed us of a conversation between her and the landlord shows both agreeing to end the lease in her current apartment and refund her security deposit.

A few months later, Swan got a $3,100 bill which according to text messages the landlord said was for unpaid rent.

Swan was under the impression she wouldn’t have to pay that because of the conditions.

“It was really sad that someone who is supposed to have your back in something like that didn’t like she didn’t care,” said Swan.

There was no central office to be found at the apartment complex and were told by residents that there wasn’t one.

We gave the management a call and got no answer.

Swan is hoping she can get some answers. Until then, she says she left with just her voice.

“It’s just kind of scary for future people moving in there because you never know what to expect,” said Swan.