LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – As the city of Little Rock inspects the Big Country Chateau apartment complex Wednesday, tenants are learning their electricity is scheduled to be shut off. This comes a week after tenants were told that their water service to the complex was going to end.

Last week, Central Arkansas Water company distributed flyers informing tenants that their water services would be discontinued after Sept. 1 with no plans to resume. Wednesday morning, an Entergy flyer was posted saying that electricity would be shut off as well.

Residents said that the air was shut off Tuesday night but turned back on as officers and city leaders arrived to begin the inspection. Residents have also complained of mold, ineffective air conditioning units and unanswered repair requests.

An apartment manager previously said that the issue rose after the ownership group got behind on paying certain bills, including water. Though notices have been passed out, the apartment complex’s landlord commented “nothing is being shut off.”