LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A letter dated July 26 has been sent to Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. and the city Board of Directors regarding conditions at Big Country Chateau Apartments.

The letter, signed by nine of the apartment tenants is on the letterhead of Arkansas Renters United, a not-for-profit advocacy group with an affordable, safe and healthy housing mission. It asserts that Big Country tenants “… have endured unsafe and unhealthy living conditions for months and for some of us years at this complex.”

Residents also wrote:

“We are terrified by the violence that has exploded over the last month. We live in apartments that are substandard and a danger to our health with mold, roaches, water and sewage leaks, and other problems.”

Letter to Mayor from tenants

The letter continues, asserting that apartment maintenance is poor, as is security. Residents, it continues, are shocked that water bills have not been paid and “… suspect that there are many other bills that the owner has not paid.”

It asks the city not to close the complex until “… having first worked to find and secure the resources we need to help us.”

A representative of Arkansas Renters United, Neil Sealy, states the company which owns Big Country, Apex Big Chateau AR LLC, owns apartment properties in other cities with similar issues. The email from Sealy includes links to news articles about apartment complexes in Chicago and Indianapolis with issues similar to those of the troubled Big Country Chateau complex. Also included is an Indiana Attorney General announcement of a $7.25 million settlement to provide repairs to two complexes listed in the Indianapolis news stories.