AUGUSTA, Ark. – An Augusta man is pleading for help after the designated medical transport meant to take him to dialysis appointments – routinely doesn’t show up.

Timothy Maddox has needed dialysis treatments for 15 years, going three times a week for three and a half hours each. He says three months ago, he moved treatment centers to a clinic in McCrory.

Maddox is legally blind and relies on medical transportation company Southeastrans to bring him to and from appointments, a service covered by Medicaid. But for three months, he says the van routinely won’t show up, leaving him waiting.

On average, he says he usually only makes appointments once or twice a week and hasn’t had a full week of treatments in the past few months.

“I feel that my life is in jeopardy,” Maddox said. “Anytime that I don’t get dialysis, that shortens my life.”

Maddox says he’s spoken with both the regional office of Southeastrans and the headquarters in Atlanta. He says he’s been told some of the missed pickups come from vans needing repairs, sick drivers, and glitches in the system.

He’s also called the Governor’s office to see what can be done and says they told him they would investigate the issue.

“I just want some help,” Maddox pleaded. “[Southeastrans,] can you please come get me in the morning?”

He adds his clinic in McCrory has also called on his behalf and hasn’t received a response. We reached out to Southeastrans’ regional office but were told a supervisor wasn’t in to answer questions.