LITTLE ROCK, Ark.– A woman was shot in the hip when bullets started flying inside the Power Ultra Lounge early Saturday morning. 

Tasheara Slocum says she fell to the ground hoping it would spare her from getting hit, however, she was shot near her left hip when shots rang out during a concert inside the nightclub in downtown Little Rock early Saturday morning. 

She says she was near the front of the stage with her friends when someone opened fire, so she dropped to the floor with other people. They were still shooting and she felt the gunshot wound hit her side.

When the shooting stopped she says everyone tried to get up and run, but she couldn’t move fast enough because her wound was slowing her down. 

Then she says, “They started shooting again and they stopped, so I tried to hide again and I didn’t know where to go.”

Afraid and alone she took a chance and rushed downstairs and outside. She made it to her car and drove herself to the hospital, the events at the club fresh on her mind.

Tasheara says, “I just remember I was up, having fun, turnt up and then just hearing gunshots and we all fell to the ground.”

She says it’s hard for her to get up, but when she is lying down she is fine. She is just glad to survive what seemed like a nightmare. She says she hopes to have surgery soon to remove the bullet.