Woman files lawsuit suing hotel where she claims she was sex trafficked


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A woman says she was a victim of sex trafficking at a Little Rock Hotel, and now she’s suing management for negligence.

Her lawsuit is against a former Quality Inn on the city’s southside. She is claiming the staff never reported what was going on.

This is the first time someone in Arkansas is suing what you could call a third party.

They are not saying the hotel was directly involved in human trafficking, but they claim staff ignored obvious signs of the abuse, and at the end of day made more money off the booked rooms.

The woman claims in a 3 month period at the hotel she was forced to have sex with as many as a dozen men a day.

In the suit she says traffickers paid for the entire fourth floor and staff at the frint desk put their heads down when she walked by.

A local group that works with victims told us that it lines up with stories they have heard from survivors.

“The traffickers want to make sure to the outside world it looks like there’s nothing going on and they want to be in a protected area.” said Louise Allison an executive director for Path.

The abuse in the lawsuit happened back in 2014 and the management company is no longer in business. The hotel has since been sold.

Our very own Susan El Khoury tried reaching out to the former owner but has not received anything back.

The lawyers representing this suit say they know getting a payout in this case is a long shot, but they at least want a policy change where hotels would be required to train staff, so they know warning signs that someone is being trafficked.

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