Woman Dragged by Car During Robbery


LITTLE ROCK, ARK. A woman dragged by a car during a robbery in Little Rock Thursday, is now warning others how to avoid a similar fate.
It all started on Facebook Marketplace, which is an online way to buy and sell items to people in your community, and it is something frequently used by Kyesha Raulston in the past with no issues.

But her latest transaction turned into more than she bargained for.

Thursday morning, she found a buyer for her iPhone.  A man named Bigbank Fred.  He offered to bring cash to Kyesha’s work, where the surveillance video was rolling.

The man drove up in a silver Mercury sedan but not into the parking lot. 
 Kyesha walked out to exchange the phone, but immediately could tell the money was counterfeit.  
She said it was too green to be real. When she went to grab her phone back, Bigbank Fred hit the accelerator. 

All Kyesha could do was hold on until the car slowed enough to safely let go.  “You just have to be really careful, and especially on social media.  Just really have to check them out.” Kyesha says.  “The police told me they would meet me and watch any type of transaction.”

Kyesha only sustained minor injuries like big bruises and sore toes.  

The Little Rock Police report says Bigbank Fred is actually a man named Freddrick Childs. He is a person of interest in this case, which is still under investigation

But meanwhile the police report shows the phone stolen from Kyesha  was valued at $1,400.00. 

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