Woman Attacked at Water Park Bachelorette Party

CONWAY, AR — A bride-to-be is devastated after being attacked at North Little Rock’s Wild River Country water park during her bachelorette party.

“I was just telling people, ‘Please move I’m hurt. Please get out of my way and let me out.'” explains victim Ashley Wofford.

Wofford celebrated her last night out at the “Adult Night” event held Saturday at the water park.

The event was so popular, hundreds of guests crowded the entrance, the parking lot and the church next door.

“They were grilling out; they were partying in the parking lot,” says Wofford.

The mother of two told us that while she and her friends stood in line to enter the 21 and older event, other guests began pushing and shoving their way to the front.

After some guests began to cut others, fights broke out nearby. Wofford then found herself in hot water.

“And he got in my face and he spat in my face, so I pushed him and when I pushed him back he came back and just both fists and just didn’t stop,” she says.

Wofford searched for help but she said the crowd was too large.

“Started pushing everyone forward over me to the ground and all I could see were feet and I was covering my head. I saw some people’s feet not touching the ground, like they were just being pushed by the crowd,” says Wofford.

At one point, a person grabbed a roll of tickets and began selling them to those waiting in line.

The water park has canceled all future adult nights because of the way this one turned out.

North Little Rock Police say they’ve made one arrest and had several reports of minor injuries.

Wofford said she spent months planning for her wedding day coming this Saturday. Her night to remember will come one week after a night she’d rather forget.

“I just want to get married and put this behind me,” says Wofford.

After police say they received multiple tips from a posts on social media the ticket theft may be pursued. They are waiting on a filed report from water park officials.

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