With Eyes on Omaha, Hogs Let Their Hair Down


We’ve heard the Razorback baseball team called the Diamond Hogs and the OmaHogs. This year they’ve added another nickname, the FlomaHogs.

“I’d say it kinda started with me by accident,” said junior catcher Grant Koch. “Just by saying, you know, I didn’t really wanna cut my hair, I’ve always had short hair and then I just told him (Eric Cole) as a joke really just to not cut it for a while and it just kinda stuck.”

It’s not just for a select few. The FlomaHogs are always willing to take in new members.

“We’re pretty accepting,” said junior outfield Eric Cole.

When it comes to keeping the flow just right, there’s different ways.

“You gotta plan when you wash it and when you don’t,” said Koch. “You gotta get some product too. Product, that’s different for each guy, but you gotta plan when you wash it and when you don’t because you’re not supposed to watch it each day.”

“I don’t really have one, I’m not like Grant,” said junior pitcher Blaine Knight. “I don’t use product, mine’s just naturally curly. And so the longer mine gets, the more mine curls, so I just try to keep the curls contained the best I can, I guess.”

The players think some of the coaches can pull off the flow look.

“I’m going (Director of Baseball Operations) Clay Goodwin,” said sophomore outfielder Dominic Fletcher. “Gotta go with Goodie, good looking guy. I think he could rock some flow.”

“I gotta say (Pitching Coach Wes) Johnson,” said Knight. “I saw him in the wig earlier and so I think if he had hair like that, I think he could do it.”

“You know I think Johnson he would look pretty good,” said Koch. “But I think DVH. I’m gonna go with DVH.”

“You know I’d have to agree with that,” said Cole. “Coach Johnson’s got the bald look going. I don’t think he could ruin it, so I think DVH. You gotta go with him.”

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