Digital Original: Benton photographer helps parents heal through her lens

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BENTON, Ark. – Moms and Harry Potter fans listen up.

Amber White, a photographer, recently posted a picture to social media of her newest baby photo series inspired by the books and films , Harry Potter.

“Mom is a Harry Potter fanatic,” says White.

However, it’s not just these cinematic-themed photos that have parents flooding White’s inbox – it’s her creative process – a process she hopes helps families find healing.

“My dad died about 6 years ago and after that, I just needed something else in my life,” she says. “I don’t know, just to give me a little bit of a purpose.”

White says she now continuously sees her “purpose” and hopes to pass-on the healing she has found.

“I’ve done a session where mom had had a stillborn child and she got pregnant again,” explains White. “After you lost a child and you get pregnant again that’s called a rainbow baby.”

The name “rainbow baby” comes from the idea of a rainbow appearing in the sky after a storm, says White.

The term has gained popularity on blogs and social media in recent years and has come to symbolize hope and healing. White says some photo sessions can take longer than others but doesn’t mind doing whatever it takes for the perfect shot.

“If I have to sit on the ground for two hours I will do just that,” she explains. “If I have to roll around until the baby smiles I will.”

She says she doesn’t see it as going above and beyond for her clients but instead finding out exactly what they need to heal.

“It was really awesome,” says White. “All of a sudden the wind was blowing all the smoke away and the wind stopped and the smoke just went straight up – like to heaven,” White explains. “Mom literally cried. I was crying. My husband cried. It was awesome but that, you know, for her is cathartic and I think it helps.”

White is a court reporter and photography is her hobby. She says her day can be filled with negative stories and so she uses her sessions as a sense of relief.

“When a person calls I ask them what they love and what is most special to them,” White explains. “It’s important that they are happy because those images will be a forever heirloom for that family.”

For more information or to connect with Amber White, click here.

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