Web Extra: 8-year-old girl gives up birthday, collects donations for women with addictions


KENSETT, Ark. – When you think of a child’s birthday, images of balloons, maybe a cake with a few candles, and of course presents. 

However, for Audra Headley, 8, she is giving up the traditional birthday celebration for her 9th birthday and opting for something she feels in her heart is bigger and better. 

“I have everything I need,” says Audra. “I have plenty of toys.” 

Audra says she doesn’t want gifts this year but instead wants to raise $5,000 in donations for a charity helping women suffering from drugs and alcohol addiction. 

“I told my mom on my birthday wish was to raise money for the D.O.T.S. girls because I know that will help them a lot because they have a lot of needs,” says Audra.

Daughters of The Other Side (D.O.T.S.) is a non-profit 501(c)3 community funded mission that helps women struggling with drug and alcohol addictions. 

 The program and staff help them overcome their issues by finding their purpose and peace through religion. They operate based on the principles taught by God and the Bible. 

“The women have tried everything else and this is their last resort,” says Amy Headley, mother of Audra. “The organization pays everything from the light bill to the needs for the ladies.” 

Audra first met of the women at her church and instantly formed a bond. Her family encouraged the friendship and have helped support one of the women named, Tiffany. 

“I visit Tiffany every Saturday and Sunday nights,” Audra says.  

Audra’s parents have helped their daughter create both a GoFundMe page and a bank account named Audra’s D.O.T.S. Fund.  

Audra is so determined to raise the money that on March 23, she will be helping take orders and clean tables at the Silver Dollar Grill in Russel, Arkansas. 

“If I can get at least $10 from every person watching this I can probably reach more than my goal,” says Audra. 

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