Warning for hunters about tuberculosis from deer after Michigan man infected


(CNN) You may not realize this, but people can get tuberculosis from deer.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says a new case of someone getting tuberculosis from a deer has been identified.

A CDC report says a 77-year-old Michigan man got TB in 2017 from an infected deer.

The man had hunted deer in the same area where two other hunters were likely infected with TB from deer more than 15 years earlier.

The CDC said in the new case-

He likely inhaled infectious pathogens of bovine tuberculosis, a mycobacterium that can sicken humans, while removing a dead deer’s infected organs, a process called field-dressing.

Bovine tuberculosis is rare, making up less than two percent of total TB cases in the US.

It’s mostly been eliminated from commercial cattle.

But the CDC says it’s still present in wild bison, elk and deer.

The CDC recommends that hunters use protective gear when they’re field-dressing animals to prevent exposure to TB.

Last month, KARK took a look at another disease in deer that’s cause for concern here in Arkansas. Here’s that report:

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