Walk Bike Friendly: Increasing Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety


CONWAY, AR – In the last year there have been 26 accidents in Conway involving vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.

According to officials the majority of those accidents were in private parking lots, drivers backing out of the spaces a little to quickly and hitting pedestrians.

There have also been some in the public right away involving cyclist and pedestrians.

To help bring that number down the Conway Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board is looking to make sure everyone is following the rules of the road and laws are enforced across the board.

“The most important thing is that it’s a safe environment for all of those users and all of the laws as they pertain to each of those users are being enforced fairly,” says Wes Craiglow.

Craiglow says the board will take its findings of exactly where the problems are, to city council who will then decide if for example more stop lights should go up and more education in schools on safety should be taught.

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