Voters Angry After Arkansas Supreme Court’s Decision on Medical Marijuana

PERRYVILLE, Ark. – A lot of work has been done in the hopes of making medical marijuana legal in Arkansas and it may now be wiped away for good.
The Arkansas Supreme Court striking down Issue 7, the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act. Justices say even though sponsors collected thousands of signatures, not enough were valid.
We’re in day four of early voting and before the Supreme Court’s decision the Arkansas Secretary of State says more than 140,000 voters took to the polls. One of whom says she’d do anything to have a do-over on her vote for medical marijuana. 
Mandy Waggoner’s feelings toward the democratic process have changed since she entered the voting booth on Tuesday. 
“I felt very good about my vote,” said Waggoner. 
She went to the polls to say “yes” to medical marijuana, specifically Issue 7. She felt like it offered the best options for patients. She voted no to Issue 6. 
“I was more concerned with the how we were going to manage it and not whether we were going to legalize it,” said Waggoner. 
After she found out the Supreme Court ruled out Issue 7, her vote won’t count. 
“I feel like I’ve been disenfranchised,” she said. “My “yes” vote for the most progressive choose is now a “no” vote on legalization of medicinal marijuana. It’s unacceptable to me.” 
For her, this is more than a cast ballot. 
“I had a family member become very sick with cancer,” explained Waggoner. 
She says her mother was diagnosed and now receives medical cannabis in another state to feel better. 
“I would change my vote in a heartbeat,” she said. 
The sponsor of the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act says in a statement, “We are devastated that the Supreme Court ruled against us but we have no intention of giving up.  We intend to file for a rehearing [Friday].”
Waggoner says her ballot may have been cast, but her voice won’t be heard. 
“It’s going to take two of y’all for any one of us who messed up and got our votes taken from us,” said Waggoner. 
The Issue 7 sponsor is asking people to continue voting for the measure while the Supreme Court decides whether to hear her appeal. There’s also a rally planned at the Capitol Friday at noon in support of it. For more information, click here

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