LITTLE ROCK, AR — Family and friends took time to remember one of Little Rock’s recent homicide victims who was shot and killed in his home last week.

Gabriel Carter, 27, was gunned down in what family said was an intended robbery, last Wednesday on Filmore Street. According to police, Carter and another victim were shot. The other victim, a woman who said she was his girlfriend of almost a one year, survived.

She, Carter’s sister, Nesha Ward and others struggled with the reality that the man they said had a positive impact on many people who knew him, wasn’t coming back.

“He didn’t deserve it. Period. He just didn’t deserve it,” Ward said.

According to family, two men who were supposed to be friends with Carter came over to his home to hang out when things quickly escalated after they demanded he give them money, which he did not have.

Family added that Carter worked a full-time job and liked nice things, many people were envious of his life and wanted it at any cost.

Carter was working towards getting his certification in personal training at LA Fitness. Among the few dozens who attended his candlelight vigil Wednesday night, were Hunter Holman and Shawn Scoggins. The young men worked with Carter.

“He was the type of guy that you could rely on to tell the truth at all times,” Holman said. “He was a guy that worked really hard, he was good at his job and he was just an honest guy and a really good friend.”

Little Rock police arrested Bobby Campbell in connection with the shooting, but family and friends said until the second suspect was caught, they did not feel completely safe.

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