NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Between summer break and 14-year-old Mary Barton’s bicycle, life can be seemingly perfect- but it came to a stop on Sunday.

“I was terrified,” she says.

Mary says a man called North Little Rock Police because he claimed she was riding her bicycle on his property.

When officers showed up, she says one officer told her she could leave, but the second officer told her to stop.

“The other officer said that bike is stolen — what is your identification? I said I don’t have to give you my identification, that’s when he pulled out the pepper spray and the other cop told me to call my mom,” says Mary.

She says the bicycle is not stolen and she’s had it since December.

In cell phone video, you can see Mary on the ground when her 15-year-old brother, in the green shorts, rushes to her. A few seconds later, both are pushed against the police car then Mary, in handcuffs, goes to the ground.

“As a mom I’m supposed to protect my daughter and like I said, I felt helpless,” says Mary’s mother Denise Barton.

Denise says the officers overreacted.

“He did something to my daughter I don’t do. He rough handled my daughter and I don’t do that,” says Denise.

North Little Rock Police say they are reviewing the officer’s actions and they have initiated an internal review.

As Mary gets a grip on what happened, she hopes her next bicycle ride has a different ending.

“I’ve never experienced this with the cops,” says Mary.

Mary went to Arkansas Children’s Hospital Monday, her mom says she has a pulled muscle in her back.

Mary’s mother says her daughter was cited for resisting arrest and obstruction.