Vandals get “grace and forgiveness” instead of charges, cleaned Art Alley


SEARCY, Ark.- The public was outraged recently when photos of vandals defacing Art Alley circulated on social media- Many asked, why would someone do such a thing?

The murals in Searcy had been a long time in the making, in an effort to beautify the city, according to the project creator Matt Faulkner.

“Over a hundred artists have participated in Art Alley and so it was very frustrating to have somebody come through and spray paint all over artwork,” Faulkner said.

With help from the public and video footage from the incident, the six unidentified taggers were caught within days.

Then, something unexpected happened- grace and forgiveness came from the art committee, following the defacing of around 15 works of art.

“Forgiveness is something that we all received and sometimes we forget that we have received forgiveness, in one way or another, and to have the opportunity to express it and to engage in forgiveness, is really just touching the hem of the garment of something beautiful we’ve already received,” Art Alley volunteer Jennifer Kind said.

Art Alley officals asked the individuals clean the alley on Saturday, in lieu of the charges, as well as learn to learn about art, and how to create, instead of being destructive.

Four of the six accused showed up to make things right and officials say they worked hard at it.

The two other individuals, of the six seen on camera, did not show up for the chance at redemption and will now be facing charges.

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