Update: LR Murder Suspect in Court for Wife’s Killing



LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Timothy Clevenger, a Little Rock man facing homicide charges in the death of his wife Margaret Clevenger, appeared in court Thursday morning. 

Margaret Clevenger was found dead inside their home on Sept. 3.

Clevenger’s attorney says there is no cause of death, and no murder weapon. 

The following are details stated in the released affidavit from the Little Rock Police Department stating facts constituting reasonable cause for Clevenger’s arrest:

Clevenger said that morning he drove his Chevy Avalanche to the gym, by taking a left turn from Old Forge Ct. onto Old Forge Drive and continued on Rodney Parham to 10 Fitness where he worked out for about 45 minutes. After the workout he said he called his wife, but there was no answer. He then texted her about getting breakfast, with no response.

He said he went back home and noticed the garage door open. When he entered the home he said he was greeted by the dog, and put the dog into the backyard via the door in the laundry room. 

Clevenger said he found his wife lying on the hallway floor. He said he called 911; adding that he could not roll his wife over flat on her back in the hallway because of her weight so he moved her three feet from the hallway into the living room so that he could perform CPR, and continued until officers arrived. 

LRPD stated that detectives and crime scene specialists collected evidence which included numerous blood and DNA swabs. LRPD noted several inconsistencies in Clevenger’s statement, physical evidence and surveillance evidence. 

Clevenger said he was wearing the same clothing that he wore to the gym and never changed his clothing from the time he got dressed for the gym to when police arrived at his residence. Video surveillance from 10 Fitness shows that Clevenger  was wearing different clothing when he arrived and left the gym. The clothing he was wearing at the gym was not found in a search of the house and his vehicle. 

Another inconsistency, LRPD stated that video surveillance shows that Clevenger’s Chevy Avalanche did not turn left on Old Forge Drive but in fact crossed over onto Gristmill Drive. Clevenger still denies this route, claiming he turned left on Old Forge Drive.

Detectives discovered no evidence of any forced entry or any property missing. 

While Clevenger said he was greeted by the family dog when he returned from the gym, LRPD says there is no evidence that the dog was inside the house during Mrs. Clevenger’s assault because there were no tracks or evidence that a dog had been inside where extensive blood had been distributed throughout two rooms. 

At the scene, Clevenger told police that at no time did he wash up or clean up. Crime scene specialists found apparent blood evidence on the washing machine; light switch; doorway threshold; exterior, interior, and faucet of the kitchen sink; handle of the coffee mug, faint blood stains on towels on the oven handle. AR Crime Lab says the DNA profile matched the victim, Margaret Clevenger.

Blood was also found in an upstairs bedroom shower which was found greater than five feet above the shower floor, indicating the blood was not from incidental shaving. Clevenger told police he did not go upstairs. The blood matched the victim, police say. Detectives note that the guest bathroom can be found immediately upon ascending the stairs and the master bathroom is tucked into the corner of the master bedroom and not easily accessible to an intruder unfamiliar with the home. 

Detectives also noted that a small blood stain was located on the master door knob was positively identified by DNA as belonging to Timothy Clevenger. Clevenger had a fresh, small cut on his left pinky finger when he was questioned by detectives. He said he was unaware of the cut, and had no explanation for how he obtained the cut. 

Read the affidavit in its entirety here. 

Original story:

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. –  A Little Rock man has been arrested in connection to the death of his wife, who was found dead inside their home on Labor Day. 

Little Rock Police arrested Timothy Clevenger, 58, Wednesday morning on homicide charges in the death of his wife, Margaret Clevenger.

According to a report released by LRPD, Clevenger told police on Sept. 3 he came home to find his wife on the ground and unresponsive.

LRPD says evidence says otherwise. 

The report also states the man was also taken to the hospital on an unrelated medical issue on Sept. 3, then taken in for questioning. Clevenger was released without charges on Labor Day, pending further investigation.

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