Update: Lime Scooters Possibly Getting the Boot in May, City Says



LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The City of Little Rock is now saying public scooters may not be gone for good. 

According to a city official, Lime scooters will get the boot when the trial period ends in May; however, the city will ask for a request for qualifications from any scooter company who wants to apply to provide scooters. 

This could happen before the May date that Lime’s contract ends. 

The city did not say exactly when they will begin to accept applications. 

A spokesperson said Mayor Scott wants to “continue to prioritize the balance of public safety and quality of life and find the best fit for Little Rock residents.”

Original story: 

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – If you haven’t yet tried out the Lime scooters you’ve seen around the capital city, time is running out.

According to a city official, the scooters will get the boot when the trial period ends in May.

Max Brantley with the Arkansas Blog (Arkansas Times) provides these details:
Little Rock City Attorney Tom Carpenter has written the owner of Lime, which has an agreement to rent electric-powered scooters in the city, to notify the city will end the deal because of dissatisfaction with the company’s response to safety concerns.

Carpenter, in a letter copied to the City Board, told the California holding company that owns Lime that a six-month trial begun by former Mayor Mark Stodola would end  May 15 and not be renewed. Nor will the city seek modifications to the existing contract.

Click here to read the letter.

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