SEARCY, Ark. – A New Year’s visit to family turned nightmare when two of three of the Busbea daughters were brutally attacked by two dogs in White County.

“My kids wouldn’t have been bitten if someone hadn’t failed to do their job and kept these dogs away” Kristina Busbea, the mom, said.

Arriving at their family’s home – the dogs were locked up. They got out, and the Busbea’s said they seemed friendly.

“It didn’t growl, it didn’t bark, it didn’t do anything,” Joey Jones, Busbea’s boyfriend said.

The Busbeas quickly found out the dogs were not friendly.

“It literally just walked up, grabbed Rowan, the four-year-old, and just yanked her to the ground,” Jones said.

During the attack, Busbea’s middle daughter, Zinna, had climbed on the couch. When Jones got to her – one of the dogs was pulling her off the couch.

“It lets go of her, and I pick her up, when I do, I feel it bite me on the back of the leg,” Jones said.

The attack resulted in a hospital trip – and several injuries. Rowan was bit in the thigh.

 “She had to have 30-something stitches – it tore to the muscle,” Busbea said.

They said Zinna is unable to move her arm.

“I don’t feel like it would’ve ever stopped – it would’ve killed her,” Jones said.

The Busbeas are not alone. A family was attacked by the same dogs back in December. The owner, Destiny Adams-Fletcher, has been arrested twice in less than a month for unlawful dog attacks.

The Busbea girls are now home, resting, and healing.

“The doctors fixed my leg” Rowan, the youngest victim of the attack, said.

However, the family wants justice for their children’s pain and suffering.

 “I just can’t see how this got to this point, and what justice looks like for us, I mean – what’s going to be done to stop it?” Busbea said.

While White County does not have their own animal control department, the Busbeas were told that the dogs were taken to Bald Knob Animal Shelter to be humanely put down.