Two Little Rock Women Kidnapped, One Raped, Victim Speaks


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A brutal attack, back-to-back, on two different women in Little Rock. Police are now actively looking for the suspects connected. 

LRPD says two men kidnapped two women at random, raping one of them, earlier this week. One of the women says she fought for her life to get away. 

Medical bands on Adrianne Otis’ wrists remind her of the physical injuries she received Monday night and the emotional ones as well. 

“I just started to pray to God because I thought I was going to lose my life,” Otis said. 

She says around 10:00 pm she was at the EZ Mart gas station on West 12th in Little Rock when she was approached by two men in a blue car. 

“He asked me if I wanted to make that money, and I said no. I don’t get down like that,” Otis said. 

She started to walk home and when she got in front of Big Daddy’s Pawn Shop, she was attacked. 

“He jumped out the backseat of the car with a butcher knife and put it toward my throat,” she explained.  

She says she fought, but he got her in the back of the car. 

“I was scared. I grabbed the knife so he wouldn’t harm me,” Otis said. 

That’s when, she was threatened, “He said ‘b*** you’re going to die tonight.'” 

Fighting for her life, near 11th and Wolfe, she jumped out of the car while it was still moving. Shortly after, police were called to a different assault and rape in East Little Rock. 

A man, who didn’t want to be identified, saw a woman outside his house lying in the grass badly beaten. 

“She yelled out she was raped,” he said. “She was nude and had a big gash in her head and she was covered in blood.” 

Police believe the same suspects attacked her and threatened to killed her near 4th and John Street. 

Adrianne hopes they will be caught and they don’t harm another person again.

“They don’t deserve to be out  in the world,” she said. 

Police are looking for two black males short in height and skinny. They are driving a blue Ford Focus hatchback. If you know anything, or see the car, call police. 

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